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Antler Lamp

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Lately, i've been drawn into more rustic lodge inspired interior accoutrement. This Antler lamp is a nice alternative to the typical rack mount.

Luxury in San Francisco

Real estate mogul Victor MacFarlane put his penthouse up for sale back in August for $70 million, which would have most likely set a record for the most expensive residence in San Francisco. Starting life as three unfinished units, this residence combined all three to become one glorious single residence, at around 20,000 square feet. Originally purchased for about $30 million in 2005, the property now features almost 3000 feet of open air terrace with panoramic views of the city. Huge full height glass walls offer tons of daylight, but more importantly offer up tremendous views. Some of features include six bedrooms, two offices, wine cellar, a gym, sauna, home theater and a two story waterfall. Personally, I think the real advantage of this property is the striking use of materials, the expanisve lines that continue throughout the space give it such architectural presense. In particular, I like the staircase with the walls washed in light. It offers a beautiful sculptural ambiance.

BMW Lo Rider.

While all eyes are on Vegas right now with the SEMA show, prancing about with all the latest glossy tuners, on the other side of the world, Milan is hosting EICMA. One of the biggest motorcycles show in the world, and BMW is busy dropping the Lo Rider concept on an unsuspecting crowd. Although it may look a bit rough and tumble, BMW swears its completely configurable in the showroom. So you can building yours any way you like. While other Companies like Harley are known for offering tons of factory customization, BMW is one of the first to try to edge in on the competition. I personally love this bike just as you see it, the short seat, meaty looking twin exhaust and that racy, naked face. It say you need an open face vintage helmet, so leather goggles ala Aliane DeCadenet and heavy portion bollocks. It has a very raw vintage style to it that I would like to see more of in modern design. We've done the overly sculpted look to death and bit of raw performance is nice to see.

Starchitect Pens Everything.

As if penning the next great green alien inspired art space wasn't enough, the world's biggest architects are turning their pens loose on basically anything that looks cool or pays well. This time it's starchitect Zaha Hadid known for her flowing, fluid style spaces that undulate and morph from building to sculpture and back again. She's recently designed art installations, furniture, shoes and now a bar. This bar just happens to be the farthest thing from a watering hole we can imagine. A glossy metallic bar designed for Home House a private club in London, the Hadid bar is more reminiscent of the curvaceous car bodied stylings we been seeing lately in the futuristic concepts of Renault and Peugot. Like some Jetsonesque kitchen island, light slips and dances across this earth bound spaceship beauty. I doubt it's available to the masses, but for the right price anything can happen, right?

Eden Yacht

The Eden by German designer Daniel Hahn is a stunning hybrid design concept that is both organic and tech driven. The 21 meter motoryacht is a unique mix of carbon fiber and wood superstructure and powered by a pair of 1,250 horsepower inboards. The lower hull section is formed from the rigid and lightweight carbon fiber with a very modern industrial sensability, while the main body is sculpted from wood to give it a luxurious and soft feel. The tinted single-piece windshield is a beautiful transition from the deck to the bridge where as most yachts are chopped up into many layers of fiberglass and lack the fluid beauty that sea demands. With a proposed range of 360 miles and accomodations for four, the Eden is tops on my list right next to Ken Freivokh's styling mega yachts.

Dreams Dashed.

In a previous post, I extolled the virtues of Porsche and how they may one day bring to life my personal dream of  a smoking hot Stuttgart super-saloon, in the yet to be released Panamera concept. Well they have semi-officially unveiled their new contender, but sadly they have since smashed my expectations with their soft bodied Panamera. Seen here cruising San Francisco's Nob Hill, no doubt cruising for some wealthy and design illiterate buyers. As if it were designed in some sort of auto-burlesque fashion, the Panamera reveals itself in a teasing manor. She peeks her face out, attractive at first, with a touch of Carrera GT. Then she uncovers her mid section. Okay, not bad, kind of formless and no real hips or curves to speak of, but she's got one great asset to go, let's hope for the best.  Then, she strips away her skirt to reveal a monumentally flat and saggy backside. Like a gorgeous beauty queen with a weak ass, the Panamera just lost out to the competition with one fatal flaw. This Bavarian beauty queen is more like an ugly baroness, nice face with a terrible silhouette. Sorry, mein heir, but das ist nicht gut, your girl just blew it. With the release of Aston Martin's Rapide, the brand new Lambo Estoque and Maserati's Quattroporte the competition is fierce for Euro-Queen and it doesn't appear the German's are going to win this war either.

Confederate Limited Edition Fighter Motorcycle

Have you been struggling to find a motorcycle that isn't so... cheap?  Well, lucky you, confederate motorcycle's limited edition Fighter is for you, at $110,000 it's one the most expensive production bikes on the market. Limited to just 45, the Fighter is a masterpiece of titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum with a 1966cc engine and staggering top speed of 190mph.  This is no rice rocket with full fairings and aero race stuff, this is a pure hot Cajun powered hurricane starter.

Bo Zolland Strikes Again.

After highlighting the swede's amazing retro car inspired speed boats, I came upon this custom concept for an undisclosed middle Eastern client. Insprired by the Audi R8, this new catamaran style, closed bridge powerboat is nothing short of stunning. With gullwing doors, a pickled bow and beautiful lines to boot, this boat just moved to top my list of the most stylish rides on water.

Paris Motor Show highlights

So this week marks one of the largest auto events in the world and a virtual showcase of exotic concepts and the next wave of driving delights. Here area couple of my favourites super saloons.
Lamborghini Estoque
Renault Hymotion RC4

RV convert

I've long despised RV culture as the bloated plastic gas guzzling pinnacle of American consumerism. Fat lazy people, driving fat lazily designed buses down the causeway.  Granted there have been occasional moments in motorhome history that have made me think, (for a moment) "wow, that's kind of cool, I could see myself ...nah." Things like the vintage Airstream or Volkswagon's twenty-one window bus. As time goes by and better design and more sensible thinking creeps in, the things that were once the bane of my existence steadily start to grow on me. Then, once in a blue moon, there is the one product that actually causes me to ignore all the things that I use to despise. The T@B XL is one such product. A smaller more modest tow behind reminiscent of the 1930's the XL is beautiful. With a sleek, masculine, deco inspired styling this 'trailer' is a 22' gem. I particularly like the channeled oxblood leather seating, with teak paneling and chrome trim, the XL wreaks of bold design. Complete with a flatscreen, gas fireplace, optional under-floor heating and i'm sure many more hidden suprises, the XL is awesome.

Collapsable Carver.

Designer Nick Notara, has created this amazing piece of ingenuity with a carbon fiber surf board that can break down into two main pieces with exchangable tail shapes and 'hot-swapping' fins of varied surf conditions. Now not to many of you gents may be ripping it up out there on the big waves, but if you cherish smart design in all forms such as myself then you can appreciate this bit of kit.

Porsche Designs Radio.

Porsche is unequivacably known for their iconic, ultra-minimal takes on otherwise average products. The P9120 stereo system is no different. Sans the over emotionalized monakers like aura or scarlet or something else the Japanese would name a simple stereo, Porsche Design simply gives them letters and number in true German fashion. With clean retro modern styling the P9120 is a classic broadcast radio reciever, plus an XM tuner and iPod dock. Complete with oversized dials and organic LCD, 3" woofer, alarm clock and usual radio fair. This little number would be a perfect addition the gentlemen's workshop or boathouse.

Swiss Lake House

I study a lot about architecture and interiors as it was my primary study at University so many years ago. But I rarely post much about it as these days, I'm relatively uninspired by most residential projects. There are small moments present in many projects that I appreciate but in circumspect they are lost in a larger sea of inane design and feeble execution. I've see mashups of Italianate, Spanish revival, French Colonial and the just plain boring Californication of most homes and commercial buildings. When I do stumble upon something some what fresh, I must post at least a few words. Gus Wusterman designed this 3-story sculpture home on Lake Zurich, in Switzerland. The home is beautiful, an undulating form of concrete, steel, air and light that unfolds with no sense of architectural programming. You move through the space constantly filled with the amazing views of the majestic alps and glistening lake in the distance. With unobstructed views, broad open-air verandas geometric light filling each room, this home makes me want to get back into the built form. It challenges us to live without all the conformity of American design and our stifling sense of how to build a home. Thank you, Gus.

High Speed Product.

It was only a matter of time before someone revolutionized some of the stodgy old aquatic gear that we've all been accustomed to. First, the once gigantic wooden surf boards were replaced by the shorter, quicker, shredding fiberglass freestyle boards that we all see today, then it was anti-fog diving masks, then high-tech flotation devices and on and on. But no one seemed to care about fins. Finally someone has pioneered the good ol' flipper to give us something amazing. Lunocet has studied the super efficient swimming morphology of sealife, more specifically dolphins for seven years, and they've come up with this 42" wide "biometric swimming device" with two carbon fiber hydrofoils attached to an aluminum and titanium footplate that allows for fast and agile propulsion. It may not be that practical for the average diver, but it earns mad credit for innovation and simply cool styling. Add it to your kit of water toys, I will.

Stingray Boat.

Swedish designer Bo Zolland has just blown me away with his retro-futuristic boat concepts. This one (shown at top) is a throw back to the 1963 Corvette Stingray with it's split window rear window and curvaceous body work. It's equal parts post-war vintage tender and smoking hot, Caribbean drug runner. This version shown in black is by far my favourite, but Mr. Zolland's other concept's are not be ignored. They balance perfectly between Riviera playboy and refined Nantucket yachtsman. You can see more of his stunning work on his site, here. I'll take one in Black with chrome and teak trim, thank you very much.

Bachelor Pad.

I always believed that if you are really passionate about something you shouldn't try to repress or hide your enthusiasm. With that said, I am a firm believer that cars should be featured more prominently in our lives. Car culture is a massively influential industry and generates tens of billions of dollars in sales, so why would you spend a few hundred grand on a new whip only then relegate it to being parked in some poor excuse for a garage. A fine auto should be a show piece in your home, literally in your home. eliminate the garage and park your ride within eyesight. Whether that means behind a glass curtain wall under gallery worthy lighting or right smack in the middle of your bedroom, that's where it belongs. Many a young boy has fantasized about the look, feel and experience of piloting the baddest cars are the planet. Here's a slick house in L.A. who took this to heart. Granted the car could stand to be updated to match the pa nosh of the house, but it's a hot idea none the less.

Big Time.

If you don't already know about Watchismo, now is your chance to find out what time it is. Watchismo is a image intensive guide to rare, exotic and vintage watches. First up for us is Big Time, a new desk/watch/sculpture concept from former aircraft toolmaker and art engineer Lee J. Rowland. At over $35,000 this piece is not for the faint of heart or those of you with thin wallets. But I must say it is a slick concept and a very buzz worthy addition to your office.

Future Bike.

Enzyme Design, a uber creative firm created the super cool future bike concept powered by a 1.6liter Honda Six. The Icare concept is presumably frighteningly fast and would most like blow our minds in a few years to come. I'd pick one up just for the stunning factor.