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David Design fashion & furniture.

I've long believed that design isn't bound by industry and we've seem many couture labels and independent designers make the jump from apparel to products to decor and back again. David Design founded by David Carlson, did it a little different. DD began life as a furnture company in the late 80's creating sleek, contemporary pieces with a distinct scandinavian influence then he migrated from the showroom to the runway. Carlson recently moved into the fashion world with a small collection that has been well recieved in Europe and Japan thus far. His forthcoming line for 2009 features a few sharp suits, chinos and some classic shades.

Zino Cigar Case

This weeks theme seemed to be preservation. How to carefully contain and maintain the quality of your finest consumables and accessories. We start with a sleek and glossy humidor that has the opulence to match your platinum player lifestyle. The Zino Platinum Cavern Series is a elegant cigar case that has an oval design and a deeply polished 15 layers of hand lacquer. It looks more jewelcase then humidor.
The Zino Platinum feature a removable tray holding 45-60 cigars and separate steel compartments for cutters, strikes or a lighter. Although the name suggests platinum, the case in fact has palladium plated brass hardware.  This stunning and sculpted looking humidor and costs $3,720.

Porsche Designs Radio.

Porsche is unequivacably known for their iconic, ultra-minimal takes on otherwise average products. The P9120 stereo system is no different. Sans the over emotionalized monakers like aura or scarlet or something else the Japanese would name a simple stereo, Porsche Design simply gives them letters and number in true German fashion. With clean retro modern styling the P9120 is a classic broadcast radio reciever, plus an XM tuner and iPod dock. Complete with oversized dials and organic LCD, 3" woofer, alarm clock and usual radio fair. This little number would be a perfect addition the gentlemen's workshop or boathouse.

Big Time.

If you don't already know about Watchismo, now is your chance to find out what time it is. Watchismo is a image intensive guide to rare, exotic and vintage watches. First up for us is Big Time, a new desk/watch/sculpture concept from former aircraft toolmaker and art engineer Lee J. Rowland. At over $35,000 this piece is not for the faint of heart or those of you with thin wallets. But I must say it is a slick concept and a very buzz worthy addition to your office.

Tyred Chair.

It a time of growing ecological crisis and with issues of sustainability abound, the future of design is rapidly changing. We're seeing a string of ever evolving shifts in  attitudes towards materials, construction methods and style.

The "Re-Tyre" concept by Carl Menary is a major step in the right direction and helps to not only find a new purpose for disposed tires, but is just a sweet chair for any diehard motorhead. This is one of the coolest concepts i've seen that captures both the essence of speed and cool but the gritty performance side of motorsports that only enthusiasts really understand appreciate. If this is the future of sustainability, sign me up.

Industrial chic.

"We're totally digging the designs of Dennis Slootweg. A Dutch designer who's been cranking out his stuff since graduating from the Den Haag's Royal Academy of Art in '97, Slootweg is slated to show at the Netherlands' upcoming 100% Design.

The man works not just with metal, but with rust. Check out the work of one of the only designers whose toolbox is probably stocked with tetanus shots" via

Legget & Platt's Starry Night.

Legget & Platt have introduced the ultimate bed. Equipped with some of the most incredible features any bed has ever seen, The Starry Night bed comes outfitted with anti-snore technology, dual climate control, sleep diagnostics, wireless RF remote, wifi and iPod dock. Granted I'm not crazy about the curvaceous look, the amenities my be enough to carry this, but I'm holding out for a more masculine version. Good night gentlemen.

Acceleration by Philip Grass

Here's a beautiful sofa from Philip Grass. His designs strike a powerful blend of speed but with elegant aquatic fluidity and a very skeletal feel. Very nice...

Wing desk.

I've always loved transportation design. It's meticulous use of space, form and performance really inspires me and I relish it's industrial chic. Here's a snippet about a beautifully design desk from Luxist.

"This amazing desk made of Tasman Oak and Macassar Ebony was designed to resemble the wing of a Dakota DC-3 aircraft. The desk was created by Infinity Fine Furniture an Australian company that specializes in custom furniture design. The desk as fun details like runway and landing lights and an electronic keypad that opens the lid of the desk. The desk is priced at $23,000 Australian."

Waterford's Bar Trunk

If you're looking to have the most extravagant portable party box ever, here it is. The Waterford Crystal Bar Trunk ($16,000) is a rosewood bar trunk with brass accents and leather trim, filled with a wide array of Irish crystal barware, along with a crystal clock, serving dish, a four-piece sterling silver-plated bar tool set and eight Versace serving plates. Party like an 18th-century rock star.

Urban Throne

Urban designer Ted Nemeth has taken the outdoors in with his throne chair which looks as it it has been created from a city dumpster. The chair is made of 1/8 inch cold rolled steel complete with big four-inch bolts. There are a pair of brass knuckles on the chair arms. The chair has leather armrests and seats and the chair is splashed with colorful customizable graffiti by New York-based street artist BLKINK. The chair is listed at $5,150.

Bacchus, Wander's wine God.

I believe it was Jupiter that gave his son Baccus (the Roman God of Wine) his first set of Legos when he was nowhere near old enough to even spell sommelier. His childhood memory just might have been the inspiration for the Bachus Wine Rack by Marcel Wanders. Like Legos, this stackable and practical wine rack utilizes rounded pegs to keep it’s precious cargo firmly in place and easily accessible. Minimally designed in both grey and white to focus attention on your reserve, rather than the random bunny signifying the end of your drinking for the evening. Via Yanko Design.

The return high fashion travel furniture.

Retrospective refinement defines the new Oceano bedroom trunk: a Bedroom Storage Cabinet from Poltrona Frau. The Oceano bedroom trunk will lend an elegant seafaring character to your bedroom. Recall for yourself the breathless excitement once experienced by those enjoying cruises on the great transatlantic ships, and dress fit for dinner at the captain’s table. Harking back to a time when sporting the perfect attire was truly an art, it provides plenteous storage for all your necessities. Whether you choose to fill the Oceano with clothes, accessories or objects, you will delight at the drawers of all sizes inside the trunk. Upholstered in lightly padded Pelle Frau® leather on the exterior, the interior is of MDF drawers in milk or burntcolors, with accents of natural oak, chromed metal and Saddle hide. There is also the added benefit of a folding mini-desk and padded pouf, perfect for letter or journal writing. The new Oceano bedroom trunk from Poltrona Frau is unquestionably something to write home about... an opulent, yet practical, item. Thanks, Vanessa.

Alchemy side table.

Furniture comes in such myriad forms these days, finding something the is flexible and style can be a blessing for a project of just for filling that niche in your space. This piece, the Alchemy side table has a couple things going for it. Resembling a squat stool that's been fattened under some weight, has a masculine feel. The base is simultaneously strong and elegant with a nod to aviation styling or the lines of a beautiful sloop. Paired with a solid wood top, this table is fine addition to lounge space or maybe your office. Surely this little piece will find it's way in one my future spaces.

Bugatti's entrance into appliances.

First we brought you the BMW espresso machine, and now apparently Bugatti is hoping to not only fill your garage with their products, but your kitchen also. First a blender, then an espresso machine, and now a toaster. What's next, a bread machine? Although that might not be that bad, a nice pugliese to go with your Veyron.

Back to the toaster, the Bugatti Volo Toaster has features including 6 browning options, extra wide bread slots, a crumpet-warming rack, and a motorized toast lifting system for the ultimate in convenience (and no more fishing for shorter slices with a fork or butter knife). Comes in stainless steel or black, £169.50.

Sinfully cool bathroom.

The Junco bathroom from Gruppo Atma is a high end bathroom that, above all, demonstrates elegance need not be sidelined in a modern bathroom. After all, a high-end bathroom expresses your personality, and should accordingly reveal your excellent taste. Fascinating mock crocodile skin covers the vanity and drawers, adding an excitingly exotic touch. The square stainless steel handles provide a reference to contemporary trends, ensuring the classic style of the Junco bathroom is nonetheless up-to-date. A magnificent gold-colored sink adds volumes to the ambiance of indulgence. Talk to Gruppo Atma if you find you are drawn to the mysterious allure of the high-end bathroom.

Stylin' with Bisazza.

The Italian's know style and design, and tile is no exception. Bisazza has been putting out fabulous patterns and mosaic's for years now, and I remember the first time I spec'd it out for a clients house. It was a slick bachelor pad remodel of a Eicher style house in an up and coming neighborhood not far from here. Bisazza tile makes simple surfaces pop and adds mad flair to basic elements. Pictured here it sets off this modern office in a over sized snakeskin scale.

"The new 2008 Mosaic Tiles collection by Bisazza takes the concept of tiling to completely new levels. Outstanding attention to detail means that the Bisazza mosaic tiles can be anything you want them to be: they can curve around corners; they can be used as floor treatment; they will attract attention wherever they are laid. Particularly of note from this collection are the stunning animal skin effects created through intricate mosaics. The Leopardo and Crocodile designs are sumptuous and quite disarming – and sure to be the focal point of any room. Something else completely different, the Data Black mosaic tiles are a futuristic compilation of numbers, a fascinating approach to wall covering which would be especially suited for an office interior. For a glimpse of even more astonishing patterns in the new 2008 collection, visit Bisazza."

A strong bed for the primitive man.

Bringing forward an organic allure, the Orson bed is a modern bed from Varaschin with primitive strength. Strong, solid feet sit neatly under the sturdy Orson bed, adding a sense of durability. This modern bed is certainly attention-grabbing - the thick bamboo or log-like effect of the headboard ensures a double-take. The slightly rustic characteristics of the bed encourage an opulent take on bedding and decor, in order to contrast with its simple charm. The Orson bed is a bed that transcends trends. Available from Varaschin in a variety of neutral colours, the Orson modern bed would come into its own in the context of your home. Thanks to Vanessa @ Trendir.

Axolo's Lady X tub.

Despite it's name, this tub is definitively masculine. Built using the best materials, this luxurious modern designer bathtub by Axolo is a real piece of bathroom artwork. Polished satin stainless steel, precious wood and aluminum sheets were the materials of choice for the Italian design team working on this modern designer bathtub and the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Sharp minimalist lines add mystery and elegance to the beautiful combination of metal and precious wood. Axolo Lady X comes equipped with an integrated designer filler, a headrest cushion, a bookrest panel and a whole lot of style. Special thermoinsulation foam and aluminum panels are built into the tub side panels ensuring a relaxing and carefree bathing experience. See more designer bathtub products or visit Axolo for more information about Lady X tub.