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Techart Panamera

Apparently Carlsson isn't the only firm that's putting the screws to the latest supercars coming out of Germany. Here's Techart's stab at the Panamera.

"If there's ever been a car more in need - or more deserving - of a make-over, it's the Porsche Panamera. Sure, the performance is there, but the styling is just downright awkward. Fortunately there's no shortage of Porsche tuners who've taken on the challenge, at which TechArt is the latest.

Unfortunately, TechArt's package for the Panamera is rather limited. They've fitted a new front end with a three-piece spoiler, along with 21- or 22-inch wheels. Inside, meanwhile, the company is offering a broad range of customization options, with two-tone leather and Alcantara micro-suede. We're still waiting, however, for TechArt to announce their full performance tuning package, so stay tuned." via Luxist


BMW has never confirmed nor denied it's desire to tune it's flagship saloon the 7 series, but it has always been very focused when it comes to serving up models to meet its customers needs.  They've given us the M1, the M3, the M5, the M6, the M roadster and The Alpina Z8. All amazing sports cars that mopped up the competition but sorely lacked one thing, space. The kind of space you can only get in a full size saloon. Leggy, gadget filled goodness that's as good in the back as it is in the front. So what they need is an M7. Could this image prove that they're possibly serving up the first one ever? God I hope so, I've long been a fan of BMW, in fact its the brand I drive today and have been for over ten years, but what's has always been missing from their line up is the super saloon.

Sure the M5 is an ass-kicking mid-size, but BMW has always fancied itself the ultimate driving machine and its full size car have fallen short of this lofty claim. With the Mercedes S-class AMG's and new arrivals like the Panamera, Rapide, Estoque, the Quattroporte and the S8, BMW needs to get it's ass back in the game. One voyuer found this example about 100k ourside Munich and although the car apprears like a factory mule, it may just be a tuned posseur. I certainly hope this is real deal because I love the big dogs and this could be a great one.

Maserati Quattroporte GT S

Maserati is dropping a remapped S version of the Quattroporte to mark the 70th anniversary of it's first official Indy win, with the new model producing 433 bhp along with new transmission software and slightly tuned bits.  Although it might look the part and sound tasty too, the problem with the Maser is they have always been underpowered. Granted it's got some Ferrari parts under the bonnet, it just lacks the raw grunt of it's more famous cousin. Some people will have you believe that if you drive one of these, everyone will know it's not your grand daddy's Merc, what they don't tell you is that you'll be choking on grandpa's exhaust, because his German sled puts out a whopping 604 bhp and 743 nm of torque! Just check out VB Henderson's drive here and what them melt the tranny, and listen to the rants of Jason about how sluggish the Maserati can be.

See creating a great sports car is no longer about just looking cool (and the Maserati is cool looking for sure) but about making it work well in all areas, and it takes a lot of power to push that fat ass around the track at a decent clip when you've got all those fancy panorama roofs and seat heaters and such. It's here where Maserati falls short. Others have the power but lack the finesse and styling such as the Koenigsegg and the Veyron, stunning yes, practical hardly, and few can find the balance like Ferrari and McLaren. With new comers like the Panamera, the Estoque and the Rapide it still remains to be seen who will be king of the super saloons.